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Owner + Clinician

Iris Anderson, LMFTA



Clinical Interests:

Individual, couple, and family therapy

Practice Location(s):

Telehealth Only

Practicing Under the Supervision of:

Get to Know Iris

Introducing Iris Anderson, a Couple and Family Therapist whose passion for therapy is matched only by her dedication to creating a welcoming and inclusive space. Iris's practice has a special focus on working with clients of color and queer individuals, though she warmly welcomes all into her therapeutic space.

Iris finds joy in working with adolescents and adults, whether they are individuals or couples. Her therapeutic toolkit includes Narrative Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Iris’s style is client-centered and collaborative, and she has a knack for integrating clients' interests into sessions. Her approach is marked by directness and transparency, ensuring clients understand the intentions behind her questions and interventions.

Recognizing that we do not exist in isolation, Iris's systemic approach takes into account the multifaceted context of her clients' lives, including their relationships, social location/identity, physical location, and the broader national and global social structures. She believes that change can occur in two ways: through behavioral changes leading to shifts in values and beliefs, or vice versa. However, Iris emphasizes that the most sustainable and impactful change occurs when there is a shift in mindset. As a therapist, Iris values feedback from her clients about their preferences and past experiences. This feedback helps her tailor her approach, ensuring it aligns with their learning styles and therapeutic goals.

Iris integrates her personal identity into her practice, enriching it with her experience as a queer Black/African American woman who grew up Catholic but now embraces a broader spiritual orientation, enhancing her understanding and empathy with clients.

An ideal client for Iris is someone who exhibits a willingness to try and a commitment to show up, even when it's challenging. She believes in the power of the first step: taking a deep breath.

Outside of therapy, Iris enjoys spending time with family and friends, getting her nails done, catching up on the latest TV shows, reading, and engaging in activities like walks, hikes, and yoga. Currently residing in California, Iris's diverse personal and professional experiences make her a versatile and empathetic therapist, dedicated to guiding her clients towards growth and self-discovery.

Credentials + Professional Involvement


MA, Couple and Family Therapy, Antioch University Seattle

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

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