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Owner + Clinician

Leslie Shapiro LMFT DBT OCD therapist hoarding specialist Tacoma Seattle support groups Jewish therapist

Leslie Shapiro, MA LMFT


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Lead Hoarding Consultant and Trainer

Clinical Interests:

OCD, anxiety, depression, and hoarding disorder

Practice Location(s):

Telehealth only

Get to Know Leslie

Leslie loves working with teens and adults living with anxiety, depression, OCD, and hoarding disorder to improve their lives. She is passionate about coaching clients on how to break the negative cycles that are causing them pain. She works with clients to set the right pace to introduce new behaviors and move forward to see real change. Her clients tell her this helps them decrease stress and reconnect with the people in their lives.

As a parent of teenagers, Leslie takes joy in working with teenage clients. Sometimes she involves parents or guardians, sometimes the work is one on one, and sometimes, she even works with clients using Role Playing Games like Dungeons and Dragons for therapeutic purposes.

After years as a Professional Organizer, Leslie has developed a special kinship with people who have found hoarding and cluttering overtaking their lives and their living spaces. She can work via video to address both the causes and symptoms to create lasting change.

Credentials + Professional Involvement

M.S., Marriage and Family Therapy, Antioch University

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Prolonged Exposure (DBT PE) 

Hoarding Disorder Specialist and Trainer

Using Neuroscience in the Treatment of Anxiety

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