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Owner + Clinician


Kira Jerome, MA LMFTA


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate

Clinical Interests:

Challenges of early adulthood and adolescence and relationship reconnection

Practice Location(s):

Tacoma office, Telehealth

Practicing Under the Supervision of:

Get to Know Kira

Introducing Kira Jerome, a compassionate and dedicated Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate, whose therapeutic practice is deeply rooted in understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by individuals, couples, and families. With a commitment to fostering open communication and strong emotional bonds, Kira's approach is tailored to help her clients navigate the complexities of relationships and the transformative journey of early adulthood.

Kira's therapeutic toolbox is rich with methodologies such as Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Satir's Transformational Systemic Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy. This eclectic mix allows her to adopt a client-centered, communication, and emotion-focused stance, grounded in a humanistic and experiential foundation. She values the process of change as a journey towards self-esteem, open communication, and transformative therapeutic relationships, believing in the power of internal wisdom to guide individuals towards fulfillment.

At the heart of Kira's practice is the belief that improved communication leads to a deeper understanding of perspectives, meeting the universal need for connection. She emphasizes the importance of secure emotional bonds, both within the therapeutic setting and in clients' personal lives, creating a nurturing environment for authentic self-expression and growth.

Kira's approach is not just about addressing present concerns; it's about ensuring that her clients feel aligned with their authentic selves. She begins her therapeutic journey with clients by understanding their background, history, identity factors, culture, values, and goals. This inclusive approach ensures that therapy is a collaborative effort, with goals that are reflective of each client's unique needs and aspirations.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Kira brings her personal experiences into her practice. Identifying as a cis female on the cusp of Gen Z/Millennial generations, she embodies a spiritual, non-committal stance towards organized religion, which adds depth to her understanding of diverse life experiences.

Kira is particularly passionate about working with individuals navigating the challenges of early adulthood and adolescence, as well as couples seeking to deepen their connections. She believes in the transformative power of relational work, viewing partners as mirrors that can guide one towards healing and self-acceptance.

In her personal life, Kira embraces a variety of interests that reflect her vibrant personality. From being a nap enthusiast and a beginner photographer to her love for Disney, watercoloring, and attending live music events, Kira's hobbies offer her a well-rounded perspective on life's joys and adventures.

Kira is also committed to giving back to the community, volunteering with Sibling Strong to support siblings separated in the foster system. Her multifaceted identity, including her astrological sign (Libra), Myers-Briggs type (ENFJ), and Enneagram (3w2), enrich her therapeutic style, characterized by warmth, empathy, and a genuine connection with her clients.

Kira Jerome's blend of professional expertise, personal authenticity, and a heartfelt commitment to her clients' growth makes her a cherished therapist, ready to guide and support you through life's journey.

Credentials + Professional Involvement

M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy, Antioch University

BBA, Marketing, University of Washington

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Member

Washington Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Member

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