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Parenting Support &
Family Therapy

Navigating family conflict can be one of the most challenging things we experience. We may struggle with knowing how to talk with our loved ones about difficult issues, whether it is concerns about parenting, substance use, harmful behaviors or actions, sexuality and gender identity, or a million other things.


Our therapists can help facilitate these conversations in a safe, non-judgemental setting, allowing all people involved to have a chance to feel heard and understood, so you can figure out where to go from here.




It's normal to feel stuck when you're parenting. There is so much information out there about what to do and how to do it that it  feels impossible to know what the "right" choice is for you and your family. Parent coaching from one of our trained family therapists can offer support that is tailored to you, your child, and your family. You will learn tools and methods of parenting that can help promote growth and attachment in your relationship with your children, develop self-esteem, creative thinking, problem solving, all while helping you find a balance with your own well-being and mental health.

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Child &

Play Therapy

There is so much happening in this world right now, and even our little ones need help making sense of things. If your child seems to be struggling with worry, stress, decision-making, sadness, anger, or anything else, therapy might be a helpful tool to support them in working through challenges. Our trained counselors use therapeutic play and other techniques developed to help young kids explore and express their emotions in healthy ways. It can help relieve burden, develop self-esteem and creative thinking and problem-solving, and improve challenging behaviors at home and in school.

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Family Therapy

If your family is going through a rough patch, family therapy could be helpful for you and your loved ones to learn to communicate better and work through challenges more productively. You might seek out family therapy when facing tough transitions, like divorce, death, or moving, or to find help addressing really hard issues in the family, like addiction or mental health issues.  Whether you're needing support in a family with young children, or if your family are grown adults, our family therapists can help you improve your closeness and quality of your relationships with those you hold most dear.

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