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Finding a good therapist who understands the ins and outs of your most intimate relationships can be hard- so let us do the heavy lifting for you. All of our clinicians at Northwest Relationships have special relational training to help with even the most challenging relationship problems.


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Couples Therapy

Couples in committed relationships can face many challenges, including recurring fights, feelings of disconnection, infidelity, life transitions and stressors, and trouble communicating. Couples therapy can help you to reconnect and resolve conflict, explore problem patterns and identify solutions, communicate to understand one another better, and improve the quality of life together. For couples who are considering ending the relationship, we also offer discernment counseling support.

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Concerns about sexual intimacy and identity are common. Working with an AASECT certified sex therapist can help you work through past sexual shame and guilt, intimately reconnect, and communicate more effectively about sexual desires, values, and interests.


We can coordinate with your medical care provider for challenges related to painful sex, arousal concerns, or low libido so that you are able to have more joyful, pleasurable, and intimate sex.

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Relationship Therapy

Relationships of all kinds are welcome at our practice. We offer knowledgeable, affirming therapy care for people in multiple relationships (open, poly, consensually non-monogamous, swinger community, etc.) as well as colleague or friendship relationships.


If you are looking for support in navigating issues related to your current relationship structure and/or are interested in exploring consensual non-monogamy (CNM) as a possibility in your relationship, we can help.

Relationship, Couple and Sex Therapy

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