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A unique staff for your unique needs

We understand that there is not a one-sized fits all approach to doing therapy work. Each client has their own unique experiences, perspectives, strengths, ideas, values, and growth areas that they bring with them to counseling. This is why we set out to hire a diverse staff- real people from different cultures, races, sexual and gender orientations, and military and religious backgrounds, to help meet your needs. We are confident you will find a good fit for you in our practice.

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About Our Practice


Hi! We're Jennifer Sampson and Jason Victor, licensed professional therapists and co-founders of Northwest Relationships. More than ten years ago, catching up over coffee, we found out that we faced the same challenges in our practice: we both felt overstretched, and we were short on referrals for clinicians that we knew and trusted.


We thought, what if there was a place in the South Sound that provided affordable, quality therapy for people in all kinds of relationships? What if we put together a diverse team filled with skilled, social justice-minded clinicians?


We got to work, and over the last ten years, Northwest Relationships has grown from just an idea to a robust team of therapists who are trained, licensed, and certified in doing counseling work with people just like you who are seeking to improve the quality of love, life, and happiness in their relationships and with themselves. 


Let us support you on the way to self-discovery and fulfillment.

Meet Our Team
  • Break patterns that no longer serve you

  • Learn to communicate your feelings and needs more clearly

  • Rediscover connection and intimacy in your relationships

  • Feel confident in your decision making

  • And so much more!

Are you a therapist interested in joining our practice?

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