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Dusty Thompson, CMHC Intern


CMHC Intern

Clinical Interests:

trauma, narrative therapy, substance use disorders, relationship issues, anxiety, depression

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Get to Know Dusty

Meet Dusty, a compassionate and dedicated Clinical Mental Health Counselor Intern. Bringing a rich tapestry of experience, Dusty has clinical interests in trauma, narrative therapy, substance use disorders, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and more. Her approach is deeply rooted in an integrated therapeutic style that is culturally sensitive, client-centered, strengths-based, and solutions-focused.

Dusty's therapy journey is characterized by a strong emphasis on building a trusting therapeutic relationship. She believes in the client as the expert of their own life, and her practice revolves around this principle. Healing, as Dusty sees it, is a unique process for each individual, occurring on a continuum that respects each client’s timing and needs. She recognizes that healing can require both verbal processing and somatic engagement, depending on the individual’s experiences and trauma.

Her approach combines elements from her extensive background in body, mind, and spiritual practices, forming a blended theoretical lens rooted in client-centered, strengths-based, trauma-informed, narrative, and solutions-focused therapy. Dusty pays careful attention to the stories we tell ourselves, striving to create a space where clients can safely explore their personal narratives and emotions. She believes in the healing power of a respectful and curious presence in guiding the therapeutic journey.

Dusty is excited to work with clients who are motivated for change. Whether they are feeling stuck, desiring a life change, working through trauma, relationship issues, self-esteem or self-doubt challenges, or undergoing major life transitions, she is there to guide and support them. Her favorite mantras, "Let go or be dragged," a Zen proverb, and "This above all else. To thine own self be true," from Shakespeare, encapsulate her philosophy towards personal growth and authenticity.

As a heterosexual, married, Caucasian, and spiritual cis-gender mother of two non-biological daughters, Dusty brings a wealth of life experience to her practice. Her personal journey enriches her ability to connect with and support a diverse range of clients. In her personal life, Dusty maintains a work-life balance by staying active, practicing yoga, hiking, and immersing herself in nature. She values time with friends and family, loves on her dog, enjoys a good laugh, and appreciates great food. An interesting fact about Dusty is that she used to own a yoga studio in the Midwest and she is also a Registered Nurse!

Dusty has contributed to publications like Elephant Journal and is also deeply committed to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion work within her practice and the organizations she collaborates with.

Dusty’s approach to therapy is grounded in a profound respect for the courage it takes to seek guidance and support. She warmly welcomes those embarking on this journey of self-discovery and healing.

Credentials + Professional Involvement

Master's Student, Clinical Mental Health Program, Antioch University Seattle

American Counseling Association, Student Member

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