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Liesl Nayeli, MFT Intern


MFT Intern

Clinical Interests:

ADHD, neurodiverse affirming therapy, anxiety, and trauma

Practice Location(s):

Tacoma Office and Telehealth

Practicing Under the Supervision of:

Get to Know Liesl

Meet Liesl Nayeli, a dedicated Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy intern who believes change can be fostered with awareness, empathy and by empowering your innate wisdom. Liesl focuses on relationship dynamics, ADHD and neurodiverse affirming therapy, anxiety, trauma, and other areas such as body image, grief and loss, and life transitions. 


Liesl works with adults, children, adolescents, couples/polycules and families with a particular interest in working with neurodivergent families. Her approach weaves together aspects pulled from art therapy, attachment theory, somatic awareness, solution-focused therapy, leveraging insights from neuroscience to facilitate the therapeutic experience. Her practice is  client-centered, grounded in trauma-sensitive, gender-affirming, sex-positive, and body-positive approaches.


As a therapist, Liesl embodies compassion and curiosity. She strives to collaboratively tailor the therapeutic experience to suit each client's unique needs, taking into account their cultural influences and situational contexts through an anti-oppressive lens. As a neurodivergent spoonie cis-woman who has lived many places in her life, Liesl brings a unique perspective with her personal experiences into her therapeutic relationships while remaining humble and curious about the experiences of others.


At the core of Liesl's practice is a belief that our bodies hold impressions of trauma, and with compassion and embodiment within a safe space, healing can occur. She views art and creative modalities as potent tools for expression, processing, and healing. No artistic skills necessary!


Liesl is currently completing her Master's degree in Couple and Family Therapy and Art Therapy at Antioch University after obtaining her BA in Psychology and Communication from the University of Hawaii, Hilo. As a student member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, she displays a deep commitment to her ongoing professional development.


Liesl has a particular talent for finding things and spends her leisure time reconnecting with nature, taking walks in the forest with her dog. She finds peace being home with her pup, a warm beverage and doodling while surrounded by her plants.


Liesl Nayeli brings her expertise, personal authenticity, and creative approach to her practice, guiding clients on their journey to understand, express, and heal.

Credentials + Professional Involvement


Master's Student, Couple and Family Therapy Program with Art Therapy Specialization, Antioch University Seattle

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, Student Member

BA in Psychology and Communication, University of Hawaii, Hilo

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